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Desk-Suitcase Jammer Systems
Desk-Suitcase Jammer Systems
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Desk-Suitcase Jammer Systems


Desk – Suitcase Jammer Systems are designed and produced by HankerTech engineers to prevent any GSM, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication, to secure VIP offices, conference halls, meeting rooms or theaters.
The system can easily be operated and managed by the user friendly keypad or its infrared remote control unit. The system is flexible to be used as a vehicular, stationary or portable jammer with relevant accessories.
• Battery
• Battery charging adaptor
• 220 – 24 V AC/DC Adaptor
• Wall hanger
Vehicle Kit
• 12 V DC charger and magnetic antenna mounts
Suitcase Kit
• Suitcase kit and accessories
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Customer tailored solutions)
Frequency Range GSM I, II, 3G, Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth (4G ready)
Jamming Type Programmable Full Band
Sweeping – Direct Digital Synthesis
Environm. Cond. MIL-STD-810
Operation Period 7/24
Power Battery and 220 V AC