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Fixed type Vehicle Base Inspection System
Fixed type Vehicle Base Inspection System
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Fixed typeVehicle Base Inspection System

Fixed under vehicle inspection search system provide high resolution sharpness images with high passing speed for checkpoint. It is very convinient to intergrate with road blocker loop detector traffic light ect equipment. The outdoor designed system could be operated under any harsh enviorment.
Easy to use software and installation
Fit almost all size of vehicle sedans with no dead corner
Do not need park to check. Speed up the inspection procedures
Images could be save for compare with
Could be zoom out zoom in expand and drop.
Car code recognition system is option to integrate
Dual monitor is options.
Photograph component:
Camera: line scan industrial CCD camera
Resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels
Power: 12VDC 2.5A
Imaging house size:  1100mm×600mm×100mm
Lighting source: LED light
Working conditions : -20 to 40 degree with non-condense
IO Control component
Input: 8 channels input
Isolation mode :Photoelectric Isolation
Isolation volatale 5000Vr.m.s
Detection sensor
Under ground type detection loop trigger
Image matrix:
Support up to 3 imaging system display matrix
Computer specs:
HD: 500G
CPU: CORE 2, 2.93G
Memory: 2G
Driver: DVD
Monitor: 17 inches LCD
Weight of sensor house : 15KG
Weight of sensor house and support frame: 25KG

Packing weight: Appox 50KG
**Notice: Traffic light , road blocker , road barrier ect is options,
not including in the standard price. Installer can source locally or from our partner.