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Wireless Video Transmission System
Wireless Video Transmission System
  • Style No. : HK-5700
  • Brand : HankerTech
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Wireless Video Transmission System
With outstanding diffraction performance, HK-5700 always achieves high image effect and stable transmission even over a long distance.
Information security can also be guaranteed with the advanced encryption technology. HK-5700 can be widely used to cope with terrorist attacks,
violent crimes and various major emergencies and natural disasters.
Technical Highlights
(1) NLOS(non-line-of-sight) Transmission
HK-5700 adopts COFDM(Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed) modulation scheme, which involves advanced technologies like orthogonal
multi-carrier, to achieve capabilities of multi-path interference resistance, long NLOS transmission distance, superior diffraction and penetration performance.
It is ideal for use in NLOS environment like high-density urban areas, forest and mountainous regions.
(2) High Quality Image
HK-5700 can even transmit at a rate of 25 fps(frame per second), bring you outstanding image quality. A flexible and adaptive coding method can ensure
consistent and coherent images, even under abominable or poor transmission environment. The image can remain its high definition and fluency on
large-size LCD in the command center.
(3) Receiving Steadily in High-Speed Movement
HK-5700 can realize a high speed of 300 KM/h. Due to COFDM modulation scheme, signals can be transmitted steadily. Therefore, HK-5700 can be
mounted on high-speed vehicles like cars or helicopters.
(4) High Privacy
HK-5700 adopts 128-bit AES encryption standard to encrypt TS stream and maintain high privacy.
(5) Analog & Digital Video Output
All the receivers of HK-5700, there are analog and digital video output interface.