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High PowerVehicle Convoy Jamming System
High PowerVehicle Convoy Jamming System
  • Style No. : HK-D12
  • Brand : HankerTech
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Protecting military and VIP convoys from the threat of Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) -road-side bombs-has become challenge
and task in many parts of the world.
HankerTech solutions—HK-D12 JAM, High Power DDS Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology
and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system.
HK-D12 JAM can cover, continuously and simultaneously, all the RF communication Frequencies 20MHz ~ 3600MHz (20-6000MHz) which are most commonly
used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs (RCIEDs).Adopting the latest jamming technologies, WF-D12 JAM features ultra-high RF transmission power
of 1300 watts, making a bigger shielding range around the vehicle. Beyond the installation of the convoy protection device itself, the vehicle is customized with
special RF protection for full protection of the driver and passengers.
System management, including activation and controland operation is carried out through a wired remote control unit installed covertly inside the driver’s console unit.
Once the system is activated, it transmits unique noise signal which creates "Firewall" between the transmitter (terrorist) and its receiver (explosive device).
Effective eighteen-month warranty and technical support is absolutely indispensable to make sure our excellent quality and reputation.
There is absolutely no better way to defend your VIP from the threat of radio-activated bombs.
Protect military and VIP team from the road-side remote improvised explosive device (RCIED) attack detonated by the terrorists. Moreover, It can prevent terrorists using GPS location to track the vehicles efficiently. 
Used for EOD. Before EOD, wireless telecommunication signals surrounding the bomb must be blocked effectively to prevent the terrorists detonating
the the bomb through the wireless remote control devices and avoid the huge casualties.
It can be applied that the common used telecommunication frequency will be blocked when the Police arrest the criminals in order to prevent the
criminals gang or Police insider leaking the confidence through the wireless equipments ,so that the arrest collapsed. It also make the criminals not
be able to remotely control the bomb in the key entrance of the building so that Police can quickly access to the building and round up the criminals to
avoid the casualties.
Protecting the boarder and army patrol from the attack of road- side bomb RCIED  denotated by the terrorists.
It can be used to prevent terrorists remotely controlling the bomb bursting points in military protection zone, government buildings and some other
important places. It can also make the criminals hidden in the military protection zone not communicate with the outside gang to leak the confidence.
In the event of the partial ground war, this wireless jamming system can prevent the enemy laying the bomb denotated by the wireless remote control
in advance. In order to protect the land surface chariot attacking troops, Tank and soldiers’ lives. 
It can be also fixed in some occasion for a temporary protection to respond to some emergencies.