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Explosives And Narcotics Detector
Explosives And Narcotics Detector
  • Style No. : HK-BT100
  • Brand : HankerTech
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The explosive drug detector is the latest generation of explosives and drug inspection equipment. Based on the world's most advanced IMS technology, this model can quickly and accurately detect and determine the types of  explosives and drugs. It can be widely used in subways, railways, public security judicial officers, border guards, and government agencies. , postal logistics and other key security zones, on the body of clothing, luggage, cargo surface residual drugs, explosives and other prohibited items, suspicious items can be quickly detected.

1.     Smart, portable
2.     With positioning function, position can be displayed on map in real time;
3.     Simple interface, easy to understand;
4.     Fast detecting without waiting
5.     Support remote operation;
6.     Data connection and export on multi-platform systems accepted
7.     Test results can be printed to compared, convenient and quick;
8.     It can identify common explosives, drugs and other substances, also can add new samples yourself.

1.     Technology: Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
2.     Sampling method: sampling of wiping test paper and trace particle adsorption (optional)
3.     Power Status display function: displaying battery status Graphically
4.     Self-diagnosis function: built-in diagnostic program, self-test
5.     Password protection: can be set only used by designee
6.     Sensitivity: nanogram
7.     Alarm mode: voice + display information, accurate analysis of explosives or drugs, and can display the name
8.     Inspectable Explosives: Black Powder, Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, PETN, RDX, Nitroglycerine, Oxtotoine, Trichoderma, Dioxide Toluene (DNT), C4, Semtex, TATP, etc.
Drugs detectable: Cocaine hydrochloride, heroin hydrochloride, tetrahydrocannabinol, methamphetamine (ice), ketamine hydrochloride (K powder), morphine hydrochloride; new samples can be added as needed

Technical Parameter
Product Size 338mm(L)*148mm(W)*175mm(H)
Display Screen 6.6-inch high-definition touch screen
Standby time > 5 h
Power supply 220V AC 50-60Hz/lithium battery
Power Adapter Input 220V/AC 50-60Hz; Output 16V/DC
Analysis time < 5 s
Detection rate ≥ 99%
False alarm rate ≤ 1%
Total weight < 3kg
Warm-up time ≤ 10 min
Working  environment -15°C~50°C
Applications Can be widely used in major security zones such as subways, railways, judicial inspections, border guards, government units, postal logistics, etc.