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Non-linear junction detector
 Non-linear junction detector
  • Style No. : HK-NLJD900
  • Brand : HankerTech
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The Lornet 24 Non-linear junction detector is used for location and search of electronic devices, which are active or turned off. 
The device works on the properties of semiconductor elements,  second and third harmonics response to an RF probing signal.

In the practice when the semiconductor components are of artificial origin, they have a higher level of second harmonic. Semiconductor components of natural origin, such as oxide films, have a higher third harmonic level. 

The NLJD 24 analyzes the harmonics responses of the radiated objects, and thus provides an accurate identification of electronic devices and natural oxide semiconductors. 
This specific model provides the best receiving frequency channel free of noise and distortion, thus enabling investigations in electromagnetic environments. 

Also, it automatically selects the RF probing signal frequency, such as noise levels, and then the digital processing of a demodulated signal gives max. sensitivity.

It comes with wireless earphones and a receiving device. It's design is thought for personal inspections, and by radiating power of 10 watts, it is fairly safe for the environment. 

It detects hidden audio recorders, and at a low distance, such as 10-15 cm it is able to detect SIM cards.
Lornet 24 Main Features:
Types of the radiated signal: continuous wave carrier and pulse modulated carrier with a duty cycle 40
Frequency selection: automatic
Wireless phones: receiving device and earphones
Desined to resemble a a metal detection wand
Safe for the environment (max. radiated power: 10 watts in pulsed mode)
Designed for usage of personal inspection
Detects SIM cards in a 10-15 cm distance
2400 ghz sensible detector 

Lornet 24 Specifications:
Carrier frequency step: 0.2MHz within 2409.6- 2410.4 tuning range. 
Frequency selection: automatic. 
Radiation at a carrier frequency with a minimum noise level in the 2d harmonic receiver path is possible.
Maximum radiated power in the CW mode does not exceed 0.5W.
Peak radiated power in the pulse mode does not exceed 10W.
The radiated power level: automatically or manually with a built-in attenuator.
Dynamic control range: 30dB down from the maximum output power value with 11 level gradations.
Real sensitivity of receivers is not worse than -140dBW provided signal to noise ratio is 10dB.
Tuning frequencies of receivers are equal to double and triple frequencies of a transmitter.
Dynamic range of the receiving path is more than 70dB.

Time of continuous operation with a lithium-Ion battery at the maximum radiated power is not less than:
3 hours in the pulse mode
1,5 hours in the CW mode
Operation time from 220V mains at a power adapter connected is unlimited.

Weight: max. 0.65kg

Operating conditions:
ambient temperature 5-40°C
pressure  ≥450mm of mercury
Dimensions:23*10*5,5 (in transport bag) / 39*10*4cm