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Portable Military Drones Jammer
Portable Military Drones Jammer
  • Style No. : HK-DJ60
  • Brand : HankerTech
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Powerful Military directional 1000-1500 Meter 60W anti drone gun jammer counter
HK-DJ60 can shield almost all UAV signal in range 1000-1500 meter after targeting them. 
1. Easy to carry with light weight and non-slip holder
2. Durable and Heat-dissipation Aluminum Alloy Out Shell
3. Large jamming range up to 1000-1500 meter
4. High power 60W effectively to shield UAVs
5. Multi-Band Frequency jamming
6. IPx4-waterproof level to resist terrible outdoor working environment
7. Built-in lithium battery can lasts 1.5 hour easily used everywhere

To avoid the rapidly emerging threat by UAV, our jammer can be used in below recommend places:
1. Government: Prison, Court, Military, Police, other Law enforcement, etc
2. Infrastructure: Petrol Station, Oil Depot, Gas Station, Airport, Drug rehabilitation centers, Security
    agency, etc
3. Public&Events: Stadium&Events, Important Meetings,etc
4. Transportation: Port&marine, Superyachts, ect
5. Detention Centers, School(examination,library,etc),Theatre,Church, Hospital,etc
6. Personal VIP&Privacy,etc
7. Others
How to Use
   Button GPS 2.4G 5.8G Function UAV Status
Press     Break the GPS signal link of remote control and UAV Hover and descend  slowly in 3-5 second
Press   Break captured image transmission Reurn home in 3-5 second
Press Break GPS signal and captured image transmission Hover and descend slowly in 3-5 second

 Model No. HK-DJ60 
Size 870*285*80mm
Weight      5.1KG
Jamming Frequency
(can be customized)
1.5GHz (GPS)
Large Jamming Range 1000-1500 Meter
Power supply AC220V-DC24V
Charging Time 3 Hour (Built-in Lithium Battery)
Use Time                1.5 Hour
Work Temperature        -22ºC to +70ºC
Output Power/dBm           60W

------Full Set Packing
1pcs*Drone jammer
1pcs*AC Adapter 
1pcs*User manual