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  • Public Sector IT Security

    Public Sector IT Security

    Public Sector IT Security We fully understand the complex access requirements and the need for compliance. Web Design and Development App Development Bespoke Software Development Travel & Tourism Software Job Management Software Data security and client/patient confidentiality are paramount but you should not have to compromise on efficiency or patient care.

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  • Mobile Device Management & BYOD

    Mobile Device Management & BYOD

    Enterprise MDM and BYOD Solutions We deliver secure mobile device management and BYOD solutions that tick all of the boxes and also enable you to deploy applications remotely, saving considerable time and money and keeping your workforce mobile. Request a call back Request a demo Live chat

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  • Encryption


    We partner with Sophos for Encryption solutions and have successfully implemented Sophos Safeguard Enterprise for a number of clients with projects ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of users. Request a call backRequest a demoLive chat Sophos Safeguard Enterprise Effective data protection across your organisation. Sophos Safeguard Enterprise

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  • Secure Remote Access

    Secure Remote Access

    Excitor G/on Excitor G/on is a simple, low-cost secure remote access solution that works with any Windows, Mac or Linux PC. It provides employees, contractors or partners with highly secure access to RDP, Citrix or web applications from home PC’s without the need for a VPN.

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  • Mobile  Security

    Mobile Security

    At Ecommnet, IT Security and mobility are what we do. We understand that protecting your corporate data and valuable reputation is of paramount importance.

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  • SWAT Comment Vehicle System

    SWAT Comment Vehicle System

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  • Military Communication Control Vehicle

    Military Communication Control Vehicle

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  • Thermal images monocular weapon sight for hunting

    Thermal images monocular weapon sight for hunting

    Thermal image ZK1 series are a solid state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, magnified dedicated weapon scope intended for day and night engagements without the need to remove the sight from the rifle. And they are advanced and great helpful equipment for hunting lovers. Thermal image can cut through total darkness, haze, dust,fog and smoke to detect target, and help to see through various animal camouflage. With proper mount with hunting gun like 1913 picatinny rail, the thermal image also helps to shoot the animals.

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  • optico-electronic observation device

    optico-electronic observation device

    TD-1 is an optico-electronic observation device designed to allow observations of personnel and orientation on areas in night-time conditions; this Night Vision Device can be also used for examination of faintly lit objects and for other purposes. Jeffs monocular monocular night vision mirror TD-1

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