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Vehicle Mounted Convoy Jamming Solution

Product Features:

  • Using DDS Jamming technology to make the Frequency setting more precise 
  • Waterproof Jammer, proper to be used in outdoor areas 
  • Highly Efficienct output power, long jamming radius 
  • Slow start up design of circuit to make the device work stably. 
  • Perfect Self Protection: Over Heat protection, Over current protection, High input Voltage and low Voltage protection, VSWR protection 
  • Easy operation, using Wire Control Panel to monitor the system 
  • Integrated backup battery can support the Jammer to work one hour

Product Applications:


  • Military Convoy
  • VIP Protection
  • RIOT Control
  • S.W.A.T Team
  • EOD Operations
  • Electronic countermeasure, etc
  • Power Amplifier Protection:

    A. Over-Heat protection – Thermal protector

    B. Over-current protection

    C. High input Voltage and low Voltage protection

    D. VSWR protection: against antenna miss-match including open and short circuit


    Remote Control: Wire Control Panel available

    A. Output power LCD Indication

    B. Output power adjusting by LCD

    C. Output power on/off per band

    D. Jamming frequency setting by LCD Panel


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