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Anti UAV Drone Jammer
Anti UAV Drone Jammer
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        Rugged Compact single Briefcase, or Fixied installation for buldinh protection.
        High Capacity Battery.
        High Gain Omni or Directional Antenna.
        Variable output level control.
        Built in AC power supplies available for continuous use.
        Low Maintenance.
        Remote Control through Ethernet.

Product Description

RF UAV and Drone Jammer incorporates the latest jamming technology in a compact integrated system. Able to be equipped with a wide range of frequency Jamming Modules the UAV Drone Jammer can be deployed in just minutes to protect VIPs, Military / Security staff or Buildings from UAV Drones.
Jamming modules can be selected to provide high power targeted jamming or wide band jamming with modules available in bands from 20-6000MHz. The RF power of the UAV Drone Jammer can deployed as a portable solution or fixed building infracstructure for protection of buildings, stadiums or large venues.