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HK-VVIP Vehicular Jammer Systems
HK-VVIP Vehicular Jammer Systems
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Vehicular Jammer Systems


Vehicular jammer systems are designed and produced by HankerTech engineers to provide effective protection against threats generated by RC-IEDs targeting VIPs and convoys.
The system is field proven to be the best operating vehicular jamming system in desert and harsh climatic environments thanks to its high technology and genuine design.
The system provides reliability and programmability through its DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology. The system enables the user to sustain the command and control capability which is essential for the success of the mission via communication channels to be notched.
The user friendly LCD touchscreen control unit allows the operator to test, restart or re-program the system on-the-go. The vehicle is completely shielded to protect the personnel from the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation.
HankerTech has the capability to customize jammer solutions to comply with customer demands based on his threat analysis.
Frequency Range 20 to 6000 MHz (please ask for other frequency coverage options)
Jamming Type Programmable Full Band Sweeping – Direct Digital Synthesis
Environmental Cond. MIL-STD-810
Operation Period 7/24
Power Alternator, additional alternator or battery pack